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Feel Like a ROCKSTAR

Today I felt like a ROCKSTAR. Which was awesome, considering the string of unfortunate events that have been occurring over the past few days.

I bought a car — well, an SUV — at the beginning of the month. A Ford Explorer. I bought it from a lady who was the only owner and took good care of it. It’s red, although someday it will be blue. I got my driver permit 2 weeks ago, and today I was supposed to take my driver test, but something happened, and I couldn’t take it. Not a big deal, because today I am a ROCKSTAR and sometimes, shit just happens. Next test is scheduled for the 6th of June.

As far as other stuff, I started my next two classes this week: Ethics and Technical Writing and Speaking. I’m enjoying the business classes a lot, and it’s making me think that I should just look into a Business degree, instead of Healthcare, because not only is it more versatile, but its far less boring. 

My goals for Forty have been coming along nicely, if just a bit slow. I have five and a half years till I’m forty, and by that time, my goal is to be debt-free, own my own home and be 100% independent. Well, debt-free minus student loans. I’m sure those will take a bit longer than five years to pay off considering the President of the U.S. only recently paid his off.


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