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Inspiration and Intuition

It is 5:33 am as I begin to type this. I was laying in bed, deep in thought instead of sleeping–like I should be–and I was struck with a grand epiphany. So here I sit, in the darkness of my bedroom with only the light from my little fox nightlight and my macbook illuminating my world.

I have been doing a lot of reading this past week. Not just my normal paranormal UF fiction either. I have been trying to teach myself new ways of creative thinking and bought a book to help. It’s a goldmine. But that’s not what I got up to write about. I wanted to write, briefly, about two topics weighing heavy on my mind lately.

I recently read a quote, and I can’t remember who said it, but I think it may have been Jack London. “You can’t wait for Inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

I have been thinking a lot on that quote, and it dawned on me. That’s always been my excuse. “I am not inspired” I use that as my excuse to not get things done. I know that is probably obvious to everyone that knows me, but it wasn’t to me. I genuinely thought I needed to wait for that flash of inspiration to do anything creative. But now that I know, and I have admitted it to myself, I can change it.

I am going to go after inspiration with a club!

The other thing I wanted to touch upon was an extremely odd occurance from this evening. My mom and I went to Hancock Fabrics with the goal in mind to look at sewing machines and hopefully purchase one as well as the material I would need to tackle the 3 projects that have been stewing in my mind lately.

Upon crossing the threshold of the store–which was settled in between a BigLots! and the Wheat Ridge post office–I was washed over with feelings of unwelcome dread. These feelings were incredibly intense. Unlike anything I have felt in years. Even the lighting and visuals in the store began to feel distorted and washed over with an unhealthy orange hue. Truly bizarre. I decided to shrug the feelings off as just a random paranoia thing, and kept going further into the store towards the sewing machine display. But the further into the store I went, the more uncomfortable and unwelcomed I felt. It got so bad, that I thought I was going to vomit. I turned and quickly started heading for the exit, telling my mom that I needed to get out of there before I threw up all over the place. She just followed behind.

Once we were outside, I just stood there for a few minutes and felt worlds better. The nausea was completely gone and I didn’t have that dreadful feeling looming over my head. And I turned to look in through the glass storefront and the store looked fine, no orange hue inside.

I asked my mom how she felt inside, without telling her what I experienced, other than the nausea of course. She said, “I felt very awkward and unwelcomed. I don’t know why.” I then explained that’s the feeling I got as well.

I have no idea what happened, or why it happened to both of us (mom didn’t feel nausea) but I got the distinct feeling we were not meant to be in that store. Wether it was the store, or some other force telling me to not get a sewing machine to complete projects is still a mystery. One that might be solved when I get up, and mom and I make attempt number 2 at going out to get a sewing machine. Only this time, we’re going to Joann Fabrics in Westminster.

I am a very superstitious person. I do things untraditionally, that Christians would not feel comfortable with, but they feel right for me. I believe myself to be an empath, with higher-than average strength with my sixth sense. So when crazy things like this happen, yes, I immediately start thinking that it is something not of our nature giving me signs. I trust my intuition and first impressions. They rarely have let me down.

If anything bizarre occurs at Joann’s, or doesn’t for that matter, I will be sure to note it. For research purposes more than anything. For now, I need sleep, because it is nearly 6 am and I have to be up in a few hours.


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